Orange Cookies Weed Strain Review: Benefits, Uses, & Effects

The Orange cookies weed strain comes from the Cookies family and is a Sativaiva dominant Hybrid. The strain gets its name from its unique fresh-baked baked flavor and the orange tint tinted hairs on the nugget, respectively.

This is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is the perfect daytime medication for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. Its energizing and uplifting effects will leave you feeling happy, focused, creative, and motivated. Orange Cookies has an orange citrus flavor with hints of chocolate that mixes well in dishes like oatmeal cookies or brownies.

High-quality orange cookies weed can be hard to come by, but it’s worth the effort for this strain’s quick-acting ecstatic effects that build into lasting happiness.

Orange Cookies has been known for its high content of THC, which means smoking this strain will produce an intense euphoria unlike any other. It is best to use this strain at the beginning of your day so you can get on with your productive, happy day. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this interesting new strain.

What is the Orange Cookies Weed Strain?

The Orange Cookies weed strain originated from the Cookie family. This strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers strong, euphoric effects. It’s thought to be a cross between the Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie strains.

The THC content of this strain ranges from 20% to 25%. Its high will make you feel energized, happy, focused, creative, and uplifted. It’s great to use during the daytime because of these effects.

Orange Cookies is a delicious strain that has a unique flavor and scent. The concentrated orange hairs on this nugget give it a rich, orange-tinted color. It is used by patients to medicate for depression and anxiety.

Weed enthusiasts love to use this strain in desserts or other sweet foods. Its energizing properties make it a wonderful strain for the beginning of the day. Orange Cookies weed is perfect to relieve fatigue, stress, and even chronic pain.

If you want to get the best results from it, you should use this strain in a vaporizer. It’s also great to use as a pre-workout because of its energizing effects.


The Orange Cookies weed strain smells like tangy oranges with a hint of chocolate. When you make this strain into a concentrate, it will have an earthy aroma with strong orange overtones. The citrusy smell will always remind you of an orange creamsicle.

The smell of orange cookies can be very enticing with its warm, cozy scent that has a hint of chocolate in the background making it a perfect dessert vape.

It may not be what you think of when you imagine an edible cookie, but it’s delicious nonetheless. This marijuana strain produces both THC and CBD, which together offer relief from anxiety, chronic pain, depression, or stress.


The taste of Orange Cookies weed strain is like tangy oranges mixed with chocolate. Some people even describe the flavor as having a very strong citrus aftertaste. It’s important to note that this strain has an earthy undertone, which can affect its taste slightly. The fruity flavor will linger in your mouth for hours after smoking.

The effects of the Orange Cookies strain may seem a bit delayed, but once you sense them they hit hard. They quickly take over your body and leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric.


Orange Cookies weed strain has a crispy texture. It’s well-trimmed and nuggety to touch with a visible coating of orange hairs. The hairs on this strain will give it a unique orange hue that makes it perfect to use in foods or drinks.

The consistency of weed strains ranges from dry and crumbly to sticky and moist. The Orange Cookies strain falls on the more moist side. It’s not wet, but it can be easily broken apart.

This dried cannabis has an earthy texture with scattered hairs that are easy to break apart. The orange hairs are visible to the naked eye, making this strain full of flavor and taste.


This strain comes with a long-lasting high that results in feelings of euphoria, happiness, energy, creativity, focus, and upliftedness. Orange Cookies affect you immediately after smoking or vaporizing them.

You should feel the effects of this cannabis within a few minutes and they will last for hours. The high starts with a head rush, uplifted euphoric feeling, and extreme happiness. You’ll quickly feel your mood improve as you smoke this strain.

After the initial headrush, you’ll feel its full-body effects take over. You’ll start to feel relaxed with laziness and slight couch-lock. If you’re in an active environment, try smoking this strain at home because it can cause some sedation.

Grow Information for the Orange Cookies Weed Strain

This strain takes 9-10 weeks to flower. That’s a little longer than most weed strains, but it’s worth the wait. You’ll have some dense flowers that will be covered in orange hairs when they’re ready for harvest.

Orange Cookies are a wonderful strain to start with if you’re a beginner grower. It thrives in a wide range of conditions and requires little maintenance or care to produce high-quality buds. It’s possible to get it to grow indoors or outdoors, but outdoor growers should supply it with lots of sunlight.

You’ll be able to produce a good amount of this strain on a single plant. Outdoor growers can expect harvests as big as 75-150 grams per plant depending on environmental conditions and growing experience. Growers who make the most of the Orange Cookies strain are the ones who grow it in a dry, warm climate.

The THC content of this weed strain is about 16-20%. It packs an intense high that you’ll only be able to handle if you’re used to smoking cannabis. Even experienced cannabis consumers will have trouble handling the effects of this weed strain without some difficulty.

THC and CBD Contents of Orange Cookies Weed Strain

The THC and CBD contents of this strain are both above average. Users report feeling upbeat, happy, and euphoric when they smoke it. The THC content is slightly higher than the CBD content so be mindful of this if you know that you’re sensitive to the effects of THC.

You also may experience some anxiety after smoking this weed strain. It’s not common, but it’s possible since cannabis does contain THC. If you’re susceptible to anxiety or paranoia after smoking weed, take smaller hits of this strain until you know how it affects you.

THC 16-20%

CBD 0.6-1%

Orange Cookies Strain Health Benefit Information

This strain is most often used for mood elevation. It’s often used to fight feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. Using this weed strain may help improve your mood if you’re feeling low or depressed. It can lift you up, make you feel happy, and increase your energy levels.

A few people use this strain to numb their pain. It’s not as effective as other cannabis strains for this purpose, but it can help manage minor aches and pains. Expect a slight decrease in physical discomfort when you smoke or vaporize this strain.

Some people use the Orange Cookies strain for sleep because its high is so relaxing. However, it’s not as effective as other cannabis strains for this purpose. Most people who use it to sleep report an increase in vivid dreaming and light sleeping. If you’re already using cannabis to promote better sleep, try smoking the Orange Cookies strain before your current weed. It may help you get more restful sleep than usual and there won’t be any additional side effects.

Orange Cookies Strain Potential Side Effects

This strain is overall safe to consume. Lots of people report that it’s easy on the lungs and doesn’t cause any coughing or throat irritation. If you do experience any side effects, just stop using this weed strain for a few days until they subside.

Some users report feeling dizzy after smoking this weed strain. It can also trigger feelings of anxiety or paranoia if you’re sensitive to this effect. Again, if side effects like dizziness and anxiety concern you then try using a different cannabis strain for your medical needs instead.

Cautions about Orange Cookies Weed Strain

Be careful with the dosage when taking this weed strain. It’s high in THC and low in CBD so it’s easy to ingest too much of it. Think about whether or not you’re an experienced cannabis user before taking the Orange Cookies strain for pain management.

Closing Points About Orange Cookies Weed Strain

This weed strain is the perfect daytime medication for patients dealing with chronic pain, aches, and discomfort. The Orange Cookies strain relaxes you while boosting your mood at the same time. If you’re feeling depressed or stressed out because of chronic pain, go ahead and try this cannabis strain to see if it helps improve your mood.

However, it is important to take the right dose to prevent unwanted side effects. If you are not sure about the dose to take, then it is better to go with the smallest amount first.

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